VapeExpoPoland is a platform to generate new knowledge, expertise and exchange experience in the field of electronic inhalers.

VapeFestWarsaw will discuss main topics that may help business to strengthen its position and start-ups to avoid serious mistakes.

An industry conference within VapeShow Warszaw will bring together industry experts, leading producers, marketers, lawyers, specialists in promotion and health care, representatives of legislative and executive authorities to discuss ways to bypass existing obstacles and identify the industry potential.

The experts will tell how to deal with the limitations and gain traction using box thinking and creativity. Experts of the specialized consulting firms will give tips on improving business, opening stores or producing new goods. Speakers will answer questions concerning legal regulation, promotion, import, effect the vape industry has on the competitive sectors.

VapeShow Poland traditionally features the show of films dedicated to the culture of vaping, which will allow viewers to see the vape world under a new angle.

VapeShowWarszaw will help you expand or start your own business, carefully bypassing existing restrictions.

Come to VAPESHOW and find out the truth about vaping.


The platform for obtaining new knowledges, communication, experience sharing among industry experts and  conference delegates in order to establish/develop vape business and expand professional network
Among the exhibitors:
  • industry leaders;
  • leading experts of electronic vaporizers industry;
  • key manufacturers of electronic inhaler, liquid and components;
  • marketing and promotion specialists;
  • representatives of the executive and legislative branches;
  • health care professionals;
Vapeshow Warsaw - is the ability to:
  • demonstrate and promote in the market whole range of products and services;
  • learn more about customers and their expectations, increase loyalty;
  • receive immediate feedback about the product and the reaction of the company;
  • create and expand the database of contacts for the future;
  • study the market and competition on it, evaluate market potential.