Must-know to choose e-cig heater


The construction of each electronic cigarette includes a heater: it is the detail that turns e-liquid into vapor. Vaping pleasure mainly depends on its type.  

E-cig heaters consist of two key elements: coil and wick. Electric current comes to the first one where it turns into heat. E-juice sodden wick is in direct contact with the coil, which results in e-liquid vaporing.       

Heaters are divided into two types: serviced and non-serviceable. The first type requires individual replacement of coils and wick. Time and efforts wasted on this process are compensated by better taste and large amount of vapor. The second option of e-cig heater suggests only one replacement when it gets out of order.   

Service life of electronic cigarette heater depends on vaping intensity and e-liquid quality. Generally, avid vapers have to change a non-serviceable device every one and half or two weeks. Vapers use their discretion when to update wick and coil in serviced heater. Quality coil building can operate quite a long time and wick is better to be replaced while changing e-juice.        

The e-cig heater influences the price. There is a conventional wisdom that a serviced device is cheaper but it is scarcely ever true. If one uses the cheapest coil and wick, then, perhaps, it is possible to save.         

An e-cig and heater can be bought separately. Beginning vapers are often recommended to start with a non-serviceable device. And later they can buy a tank with serviced base. It is useful to have two different e-cig heaters, because it is not always possible to change coil building.