“Is it my pair of shoes?” or How to choose an e-cigarette


Sooner or later, after vaping another tasty eJuice, any beginning and even advanced vaper begins wondering “Is it the right device for me?” If you are also thinking about it, this article is for you – we are going to tell how to choose an electronic cigarette.

Readers of this article know what an electronic cigarette is. We will explain how to choose it. To begin with, you need to decide: flavor or loads of vapor? Rebuildable dripping atomizers (or dripper atomizers) provide a nice flavor delivery, as they don’t have a tank, and the eLiquid is applied straight to the wick. Such a system allows getting the best flavor. The disadvantage of such a device lies in the fact that you cannot pour a lot of eLiquid into it, so you will have to refill it frequently, as well as to constantly clean the device. And in case you choose the electronic cigarette by this principle, pay attention to the compatibility of dripper with mods.

If a user prefers producing big vapor clouds, and flavor saturation fades into insignificance when choosing the electronic cigarette, he should focus on mods. The amount of vapor depends on power output, which in its turn depends on the battery.  The most high-powered mods capable of beclouding everything around you are VW and VV mods. When choosing such a device, pay attention to the maximum power and minimum resistance, specified in the guidance.  The higher the former and the lower the latter is, the more vapor you will produce.

When choosing an electronic cigarette, do not forget about personal preferences. A good gadget must be handy and simple in maintenance. EGO cigarettes possess these characteristics: they are compact, light, and good-looking.  Take a closer look at eGO-C and еCab from Joyetech – they fully meet these requirements.

That’s not the last time when you are wondering what an electronic cigarette is, how to choose it, why Joyetech rather than VGOD, and what it is, before you find what you need. The most important thing is not to give up, to constantly follow the news on the subject and of course to vape.

Remember: all good things come to he who waits!