Laisimo A.L ASHKANDI Mechanical Mod: well done


Laisimo Company mainly produces box mods, but you can find an atomizer, and so far only one mechanical mod among its devices. This mod is called A.L Ashkandi Mechanical Mod.

To be more precise, it’s an A.L Mech Tricker Kit because it comes with a RDA. But it can’t stop us from reviewing just the mod, right?

In terms of design, the novelty is a classic representative of its class. Body is made of brass with a picturesque acrylic sleeve. Model name is engraved on the button rim. Acrylic mixes are available in black, blue and red.

It has a hybrid connector and the tube walls are decently thick.

Start button is magnetic. The thread is unfortunately very delicate, so cleaning will take some time.

The price of A.L Mech Tricker Kit by Laisimo is $40.