Best electronic atomizer for e-cig: tips, maintenance, price


Often, beginners face the problem of e-liquid taste deterioration, when for instance, in spite of their favorite fresh mint or wild berries, they get burnt taste, and amount of vapor is not enough for beclouding the room. The reason for such a change is improper maintenance of an atomizer, or the heater of electronic cigarette. But just to maintain it is not enough. You need to know, which heater of e-cigarette is the best one, taking into account you vaping preferences.

E-cig atomizer is a regular NiChrome coil, which is a part of any household device. It is working constantly, that is why after some time it is covered with residues between wick and coil, blocking the access of e-liquid to the heater. At the same time, when dry, atomizer can not function properly. It may result in overheating. The best e-cig heater is a working one, that is why it is important not to empty the tank completely.

Let’s also talk about types of e-cigarette atomizers. They are replaceable, rebuildable or disposable. The last one has already fall into oblivion; rebuildable devices are for experienced vapers only, and they unlikely need our advice. Replaceable atomizers are the most commonly used today.

They are also divided into 3 types:

  1. BCC – bottom replaceable heater. It has a single coil, and great taste delivery and resistance at the same time.
  2. BDC – heater with two coils. Parallel connection of coils distributes the load (which is higher compared to the previous case) evenly, and as the result you get a lot of vapor.
  3. BVC – heater with vertical coil. The latest development. Despite the fact that it has only one coil, its vertical position increases evaporation area, providing even airflow and durability.

On the basis of this classification you will easily determine, which electronic heater is the best for you.

You can repair e-cig heater on your own, but the better decision is to rely on professionals, in order not to shoot yourself in the foot and break the atomizer. If you do not want to repair it on your own, you can buy a new heater for electronic cigarette at Allegro.

The price of e-cigarette heater is $4–20, depending on the materials, number of coils in the pack and manufacturer.

In addition one more life hack: heater for e-cig will provide you with soft vaping and long-life performance, if you make deep inhales with small pauses.

So do not hurry up and vape with pleasure!