Why is an e-cigarette safe for your health?


If internal organs could speak, they would cry out: “What are you doing? Smoking and health are incompatible!” But the organism keeps silent and slightly hints that the e-cigarette and smoking influence health. Let’s consider several signals showing that the person has to switch to the e-cigarette which is almost harmless to health.

First of all, cigarettes influence lungs. If a person smokes, his/her lungs will gather tar which will try to get outside. Violent cough and chest pain indicate that it’s high time one quitted pipe, for which health would be grateful. In particular, heart and digestive system will thank you because chemicals of cigarettes speed up heart beating (which causes dyspnea) while combustion products are the reason of gastritis and ulcer. Pricking in the right side while walking means that liver is filtering “unclean” blood – which suggests that one has to give up smoking and take care of one’s health.

Unfortunately, one cannot just quit smoking as this bad habit causes psychological dependence. E-cigarettes capable of improving health come to rescue. 

Organism stops receiving dangerous substances exuded during smoking! This is almost all necessary information about influence of e-cigarettes on health.

Due to the fact that the operating principle of e-cigarettes is totally different from the process of usual smoking, eco-cigarettes will rid a former smoker of dyspnea, clear lungs and normalize heart work.

Don’t be afraid if at first you’ll feel worse than during smoking (nausea, dizziness, violent cough, migraines) – it’s not the e-cigarette – it’s how the organism adapts to new “no cigarette” conditions.

Negative influence of e-cigarettes on health is only possible if you react to some flavors of which e-liquids are composed. Other components (propylene glycol and glycerol) don’t cause allergic reaction.

You can also harm your health if you don’t use the e-cigarette correctly. The electronic cigarette is a device which heats up reaching high temperatures. Follow safety instructions in order not to burn yourself.

Learn technical peculiarities of the device. It is battery-powered and you should take care of it.

Remember: the best friend of your health is you yourself.

Don’t put off medical appointments if you’re feeling unwell. It is even better to visit doctors regularly. Then risks related to e-cigarettes can be minimized.