Nikita Polyakov
"Technically, not looking into the details, there is nothing to complain about, except the insufficient "recreation area"- it would do well to equip a large veranda outside. There were not enough Americans, producers, reviewers, etc. In general, for "the first pancake" it was very good, there could have been at times more screw-ups, but they did not happen, the pavilion was good, you could walk and take a closer look at the vaping in general, but for experienced vapers it was a little bit boring. It was a good platform for vapers to meet and communicate".
Alexander Pestryakov
"In general, everyone enjoyed the event, given that the primary audience was still the mass segment. It is great that we have such exhibitions, I hope, next time we will have more interesting companies - for example, from Malaysia and Indonesia. I would like to see the US modders and reviewers. Chernovodsky Maxim "It was very interesting and enjoyable to participate in the historic event - the first exhibition devoted to vaping in the Russian Federation. Only positive emotions remained. There have been presented quite a lot of new liquids for electronic vaporizers. However, personally I was expecting a lot more new, previously unknown devices, but there were little - it's the only minus I noticed. On the whole, I liked the exhibition; there were a lot of interesting things: contest, shows, communication. I look forward for the next year!"
Alexander Kotikov
"At the beginning of the first day, when I entered the room, I immediately lost face because of the amount of people that were there). It was very nice to see people who are vaping just like me! Everyone had their own devices: someone had Ego, and others– a device with bellows, or with boards. I tried a lot of different liquids. Some of them really excited me! Also, new devices, such as aromomayzer is quite an interesting thing which I will certainly buy in the future). Meetings with new teams, new people. Many have come from far away. As, for example, a girl from Belarus, who courageously decided to participate in the competition with the guys. She showed her skill, though it was the first time she participated in such an event. It was very cool and fun! Thanks a lot for this event, I hope, it will come back! P. S. A girl from Belarus, I liked you)"
Yevgeny Sorokin
"On behalf of the entire VapeRussiateam, I thank the organizers of VAPEXPO for showing trust in us and provision of resources. We, in turn, also tried to help in organizing and conducting exhibition and contest. I did not see any big disadvantages during the exhibition, conference and entertainment programs. In general, the event level is assessed as high. We expect from the organizers to hold exhibitions of such a scale and scope in the future. Thanks!”